We identify and reduce the severity associated with roadway departures through innovative design solutions

Research & Development

Through a practical-minded approach to design solutions, the R&D team are vigilant in strengthening transportation safety and are a trusted partner to those who share this goal.

Our mission: Data-driven, constructible design solutions

We design what can be built in realistic conditions and with our client’s best interest at heart.


From research and development to real life solutions

FLUX - Movable Concrete Barrier

The research and development team was tasked with developing a movable concrete barrier that would meet both MASH (2016) as well as EN1317 standards.

The system will consist of the concrete barrier, transfer vehicle, end treatment and adjustable link.

FHWA Letter – B-325

Steel Branching Transition

The team at Safe Roads R&D identified the need for a steel transition from temporary concrete barrier to permanent concrete barrier. The transition was successfully tested to MASH (2016). 

The team is currently working on additional improvements using computer simulation and physical testing.

FHWA Letter – B-281

Snowmobile Physical

Safe Roads R&D assisted the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in accident reconstruction of various snowmobile crash scenarios.

The goal of this project was to collect data to help authorities investigate future accidents involving snowmobiles.

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