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The team at Safe Roads Research & Development are experts in all aspects of roadside safety. We combine brilliant scientific research method with achievable field implementation to provide an invaluable and unique perspective when facing the complex challenges of transportation.

We are a team built on the industry’s best and brightest. While we let our work and humble reputation speak for itself, we are always eager to share our knowledge where it will help enable positive action.

Featured Project

Legacy roadside safety hardware crash testing study

Safe Roads R&D carried out a legacy roadside safety hardware crash testing study in 2021 with support of the Government of Canada through Transport Canada.

The study consisted of six full scale crash tests carried out at Safe Roads crash testing facility on legacy roadside safety hardware systems used on our highways and streets.

The crash testing was carried out in accordance with the latest North American crash testing criteria.

The study will ultimately contribute to national road safety best practices across our roadways.


The Safe Roads Research & Development team sees projects from theory to realization

Governed by our relentless dedication to the roadside safety community and our commitment to public safety, we are constantly striving to rethink our practices to give our clients reliable, proven and sustainable solutions.


We examine all angles of new & existing designs, delivering a thorough interpretation of areas for improvement.


We are natural problem-solvers in search of the most cost-effective, real-world solution.


We use simulation and full-scale crash testing to verify the performance of the solutions.

Our vision is safer roads through practical solutions


The work we complete today, accelerates tomorrow.

Steel Branching Transition

The team at Safe Roads R&D identified the need for a steel transition from a temporary concrete barrier to a permanent concrete barrier. The transition was successfully tested to MASH (2016). 

The team is currently working on additional improvements using computer simulation and physical testing.

Snowmobile Crash Testing

Safe Roads R&D assisted the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in accident reconstruction of various snowmobile crash scenarios.

The goal of this project was to collect data to help authorities investigate future accidents involving snowmobiles. 

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